In a post-Covid World, We Must Reinvent Ourselves and Reconnect With Our Local Independent Businesses Who Are Quite ‘Essential’!

Welcome to my consumer magazine where we focus on the unique perspectives of the local market where independent businesses thrive and are very ‘ESSENTIAL’! Many businesses here in our own backyard in the Greater Cincinnati/ Northern Ky area – as well as many other indie mom and pop’s from across the country – take center stage here at Altro Perspectives with their rare and/or interesting products and services.

Despite what you heard through the Covid-19 struggles, these businesses are necessary to promote and patronize as the indie folks have their own “expert insights.” These are all the things consumers want and need to know! 

After Covid, I decided to move things around a bit so while this online publication focuses on what the customer/ consumer is looking for to make their lives more complete, the journalistic magazine side is in the process of migrating to another website altogether – to another server as well where ‘cancel culture’ and censorship won’t affect us.

As an editor,I did this to honor both sides of the fence where marketing and consumerism has its rightful place and hard-hitting journalism and investigative journalism – even expose-driven stories – will shine under its own light. Neither will interfere with the other or cause the reader to conflate topics or be confused by too much cross-over of two entirely different aspects of publishing.

Not that we don’t also publish articles in this site – but these articles here are more focused and consumer-driven ones that will help you, the customer, to have deeper insight into what is going on in the industry you care about: the costs, the customer-service issues, weighing the upsides and downsides to all your purchases and also, the tips and ‘hacks’ that only the experts can offer to help you make better informed decisions about those purchases.

Here, we provide stories about the businesses, what they offer, customer testimonials and what the consumers desire, business owners’ and expert advice/ tips, and other such related topics that consumers need every day.

It is our mission to educate and empower the customer as well as toss out some quick tips on what it takes to make it as an entrepenuer – if you’re so inclined to dare to start your own business in these perilous times we currently live. Yes, it is challenging, but it can be done and can be done well! 

Whether you’re looking for tips, hacks, business etiquette info or a particular product or service you need or one you wish to share with others as a gift choice, we have many options for you to peruse by local businesses who embody these chief characteristics:

1 – Independence (either not owned by corp higher-up’s or affiliated w/ corp interference). Not selling products that are mass-produced and cheaply made like many famous retail outlets offer!
2 – Unique or rare in some way: This includes holisitc health businesses or ones who offer different, ‘alternative’ health-conscious services; or those who offer custom-made or innovative, original products or services.
3 – Customer-friendly services that focus on treating the customer or client as individuals instead of numbers or employing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. People-oriented and organized around principles-through-profit and placing people and their needs as a top priority over just maximizing ‘numbers/ quotas’, etc.

Our Business Directory is growing again after so many businesses closed following the tragic delimma of Covid and we are excited to share the new small businesses that are developing and older ones that are rebuilding. Also, check out our updated, special gift-giving section that is ideal for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions.

We care about these businesses that are run by folks like you and me – ‘we, the people’. We prefer to place our loyalty in the locals and the indie businesses versus the corporate ones who quite frankly, don’t need anymore publicity! We here at AP love the consumer and the independent business owner and wish to show how these two worlds can balance each other in ways that you won’t always find anywhere else. 

Kaitlyn Karol

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