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With Candi's 4 Season Travel, you can travel like an experienced travel agent in a way that supports the motto, 'learn to travel, travel to learn'...

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If you never liked having to book a flight or a cruise or go through the troubles of arranging all the 'to do' things you dreamed of doing on a trip, you can call upon local Intelea travel agent Candi Thomas. She is skilled at not only making the flight or travel booking arrangements, but in helping set your trip's entire itinerary so you can sit back and enjoy your trip!


But let's be clear – Thomas is NOT a travel consultant but a travel agent. “It's surprising how many people confuse the two and I just like to reiterate that I am only an agent so people know exactly what I am doing and what I don't do,” says Thomas, who owns Candi's 4 Season Travel, based in Northern Kentucky.


Once Thomas has booked your trip – via cruise or plane – she can also recommend places to dine and shop while on your trip so while you unpack, rest up and sight-see, your travel agent is researching and working for you! If you want to know the best or hottest restaurants in the town, the best entertainment facilities, check, check, she has you covered!


One of the things she's most requested to do is to book the trips to The Pilgrimage. “Many Christians like this,” she smiles.

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Thomas also specializes in the Hawaiian Islands, and many of her clients are happy she can assist them while they stay focused on the other endeavors they busy themselves with as they organize their trips. “I am like their partner in a sense,” Thomas offers. “If you don't know an area and don't want to read all of their local travel pamphlets and what-not, I can dig in there and figure it out for you.”


Two of her other travel specialties are booking cruises and Disney trips for families. “It really doesn't matter if it's a family vacation or a business trip or group bookings for larger groups, I can help you to navigate things so you can be freed up to go have your fun,” Thomas says. “Even on a business trip, you want to decompress so you can focus on all your business needs and work.”


The biggest thrill says Thomas, is when she gets to book travel packages. This includes accommodations for hotel, restaurants, event places such as Sea World, etcetera. Some folks also want to know the best romantic getaways and places to have a wedding or a wedding reception. Your plans are safe in Thomas's hands who says she adores showing her clients “the most beautiful and best kept secret places ever to be created all over the world, that most people never knew existed.”


Reports a passionate Candi Thomas: “I do this because I have a love for travel. It brings me back to my childhood with my parents. Memories that I have not forgotten. Memories that I try to create with my clients for their families. So, they can pull those memories out like I do. That is what makes this job so rewarding. Plus, I love history, this was the way my Mom would teach me, that by traveling to those spots I was learning about in school. That is why my motto is 'Learn to travel & Travel to Learn'. As a travel agent, I am always learning in travel to make my client have the best travel experience. Plus, I get to know my clients and enjoy the gift of creating their travel experience. It really is a win-win experience for both of us.”


See some fun videos like this one on how to appropriately pack your bag for your next trip:

video link here 


And – Check out some famous chefs who know how to please the palate:


Thomas has many vendors which include the Carnival Cruises and other fun hot spots. Check out more info on her website and for her full contact info at:





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