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Check out Little Rock Farm for its Big integrity - great foods and third generation dedication to raising that food...

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We caught up with Stephanie Zink of Little Rock Farm and chatted with her about her farm in Northern Kentucky and what we should expect from a visit if we choose to drive out and check it out for ourselves.                                                                    


Tell us where you’re located, when the farm started and a little about what you all do there…


Little Rock Farm is located in Camp Springs, KY in Campbell County.  We have been farming here since my grandparents bought the place in 1938, and I am the third generation to work the land.  We strive to provide quality fruits and vegetables, fresh farm raised meat, and other homemade goods.  From seed to supper table, we take great care and pride in the work that we do.


A little bit of farm history:

-My grandparents, Otto and Florence Schack, raised fruits and vegetables which were sold at a local store in Dayton, Kentucky.  They also raised dairy cattle and sold the cream. Other livestock included pigs and chickens (sold the eggs).  They had three sons.  My Dad was Robert who would eventually take over managing the farm.

-We have 65 acres.

-Over the years, the farming operation has morphed and changed with the times.  Dairy cows were replaced with beef cattle. Currently, we raise Red Angus cattle and sell the beef.  Freezer beef can be purchased in bulk (¼ beef or ½ beef).  People can also come to the farm and buy beef by the individual cuts.  An assortment of steaks, roasts, ground beef, etc. is available year-round at our farm stand.  All of our beef is USDA-inspected and vacuum-packed for freshness.  We do not use hormones or antibiotics on our cattle.

-We raise seasonal berries and vegetables available for sale at the farm and at local farmers markets during the summer.

-We offer homemade breads, pies, jams and jellies. Currently, we have over 30 flavors of breads to choose from. Jams and jellies are made with fruits raised on the farm.  We also offer honey.

-Flowers and bedding plants offered in the spring. 



Why should someone visit your farm?


We are all about preserving the farm and the farming way of life.  We encourage people to come visit the farm.  In our opinion, it is a very blessed and beautiful place. We like to teach people about what we do and feel that it is important that the public be educated about where their food comes from.  The family farm is becoming a novelty.  We are the third generation to farm this land and hope to inspire future generations to follow in our path.


What is the most attractive aspect of your farm now? Any special promotions you’d like for our readers to know about?


Right now, our emphasis is on our baked goods and jams/jellies.  People can order breads and pies for their holiday parties.  Jams and jellies are also available for purchase for Christmas gifts.  We usually have gift baskets available. Customer can choose what flavors of breads and jellies they want in baskets. Items can be substituted also. Call ahead to check and see if we have any baskets left to order for the holidays as they go quick! (859-635-9668). Or for more info, visit the FB page here at










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